Phil 124: Knowledge & Reality

Spring 2023

Instructor: Ted Parent


Handouts and Additional Materials:

    Handout: Why Philosophy is Important
    Handout: Pessimism about Arguments
    Handout: Deduction
    Handout: Informal Fallacies
    Two Passages from Hindu Scriptures
    Lycan, excerpt from Desire Considered as a Propositional Attitude
    Thich Nhat Hanh, excerpt from Understanding Our Mind
Optional: Williams, Determinism, God, Evil, and the Meaning of Life
    Teresa of Avila, excerpt from Autobiography
        Optional: Parent, excerpt from ch. 1 of Self-Reflection for the Opaque Mind
    Haslanger, (What) Are Gender and Race? (What) Do We Want Them to Be?
    Mills, But What Are You Really? The Metaphysics of Race
    L.A. Paul, What You Can't Expect When You're Expecting
    Ruth Chang, Hard Choices


    Handout: Writing Philosophy

Updated: 22 April 2023