Phil 124: Knowledge & Reality

Spring 2021

Instructor: Ted Parent


Handouts and Additional Materials:

    Handout: Why Philosophy is Important
    Handout: Pessimism about Arguments
    Handout: Deduction
    Handout: Informal Fallacies
    Two Passages from Hindu Scriptures
    Lycan, excerpt from Desire Considered as a Propositional Attitude
    Thich Nhat Hanh, excerpt from Understanding Our Mind
Optional: Williams, Determinism, God, Evil, and the Meaning of Life
    Teresa of Avila, excerpt from Autobiography
        Optional: Parent, excerpt from ch. 1 of Self-Reflection for the Opaque Mind
    Selections from the Pali Canon: Buddhism as Non-Dogmatic
    Selections from the Pali Canon: Buddha on Well-Being
    Gunaratana, ch. 1 of Mindfulness in Plain English
Optional: Duron, 19 Science-Backed Reasons to Meditate
        Optional: Lesson in Simple Meditation
        Optional: Lesson in Vipassana Meditation
        Optional: Handout: Advice on Meditation
    Selections from the Pali Canon: Not-Self and "Emptiness"
    The Heart Sutra
    Video: The Ship of Theseus
        Optional: Handout: Buddhist Political Philosophy


    Handout: Writing Philosophy

Updated: 22 April 2021