Phil 3024: Existentialism

Fall 2016: Hutcheson Hall 209
MWF, 10:10-11am

Instructor: Ted Parent
Phone: 540-231-8485
Office: Major Williams Hall 221 [in the stairwell]
Office Hours: MW, 12:15-1:15pm,
and by appointment



    Husserl, selection from The Idea of Phenomenology
    Nietzsche, additional selections
    Two examples from Heidegger and Sartre
    de Beauvoir, additional selections
    Fanon, The Fact of Blackness
    West, Nihilism in Black America
    Haslanger, (What) Are Gender and Race...
    Jenkins, What is Love?
    Paul, What You Can't Expect...
    Chang, Commitment, Reasons, and the Will
    Kahane, Our Cosmic Insignificance
    Brill, Does it Matter that Nothing We Do will Matter...

    List of argument fallacies

Writing Assignments

    Handout on writing philosophy.
    Assignment sheet for the final project, which includes the prompt on Heidegger.
    Prompt on Nietzsche for the final project.
    Assignment sheet for paper #1.
    Prompt on Sartre for the final project.
    Assignment sheet for paper #2.
    Last prompt for the final project.

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