Phil 3454: Philosophy of Religion

Fall 2017: Torgersen Hall 1040
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:25-2:15pmmoon

Instructor: Ted Parent
Cell: (919) 260-4897
Office: Maj. Williams Hall 221
Office Hours: TBA


Readings (* indicates optional reading):

   L. Pojman & M. Rea (Eds.), The Philosophy of Religion, 5th edition.
   Handout on pessimism about arguments
   Packet of primary sources for Weeks 1
and 2
   D.T. Suzuki, "Ch. 4: Illogical Zen" from Introduction to Zen Buddhism
   *Selections from Sutta Pitaka
   *J.D. Salinger, "Teddy"
*B. Sheiman, An Atheist Defends Religion
   *Dougherty & Tweedt, "Religious Epistemology"
   *Monton, "God, Fine-Tuning, and the Problem of Old Evidence"
   John Worrall, "Science Discredits Religion"
*Christine Overall, "Miracles are Evidence Against the Existence of God"
   *Chief Si'ahl, Speech of 1854
"Congo: More Vicious than Rape"
*T. Mulgan, "What if God is Just Not That Into You?"
   *Sharon Street, "If Everything Happens for a Reason, then We Don't Know What Reasons Are"
   *Handout on karma and rebirth
   Marylin McCord Adams, "Horrendous Evil and the Goodness of God"
   Kushner, "Ch. 8: What Good is Religion? (excerpts)" from When Bad Things Happen to Good People

   Janine Marie Idziak, "Divine Commands are the Foundation of Morality"

   *Interview with Owen Flanagan (excerpts)
   Sartre, "Ethics without Religion"

   *Ruth Chang's TED talk on "Hard Choices"
   Lois Hope Walker, "Religion gives Meaning to Life"
*Kahane, "If There is a Hole, It is Not God-Shaped"
   Nietzsche, selections from R. Solomon (Ed.),
   Handout with additional selections from Nietzsche


    HERE is a Handout on the Design Argument.
    Handout on writing philosophy
    List of argument fallacies

    None yet.

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Updated: 20 August 2017