Phil 6014: Philosophy of Language
Fall 2010
Mondays, 3:15am-6pm

Instructor: Ted Parent
Office: Major Williams Hall 221
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 1-2pm


Additional Course Materials:
    Handout: Philosophy Vocabulary
    Handout: Philosophy of Language Vocabulary
    Handout: Basic Assumptions in Philosophy of Language
    Handout: What is the Task of Semantic Theory?
    Handout: Frege's term 'Bedeutung'
    Notes on Frege
    Notes on Mill
    Meinong, The Theory of Objects
    Notes on Meinong
    Notes on Russell
    Notes on Wittgenstein's Tractatus
    Notes on Carnap and Hempel
    Susan Stebbing, Logical Positivism and Analysis
    Susanne Langer, chapter 1 of Philosophy in a New Key
    Notes on Quine vs. Grice & Strawson
    Handout: Two Arguments for Semantic Indeterminacy
    Notes on Quine and Translation
    Alice Ambrose, Linguistic Approaches to Philosophical Problems
    Handout: Sections 138-242 of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations
: Sections 243-315 of Wittgensteins' Philosophical Investigations
Handout: Wittgenstein-esque Arguments on Rules and Privacy
    Notes on Austin, Searle, and Grice
    Notes on Strawson, Donnellan, and Grice
    Notes on Tarski and Davidson
    Notes on Lectures I and II of Kripke's Naming and Necessity
    Notes on Kripke, re: Semantic vs. Speaker Reference
    Notes on Putnam and Millikan

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Background image is from Susan Howe (2002), Thorow.