Phil 1504: Language & Logic

Spring 2017 (NCB 260)
CRNs: 16656 through 16661
Monday and Wednesday 1:25-2:15pm

Instructor: Ted Parent,
GTAs: Cruz Davis,; Brayton Hall,



    Handout on Pessimism about Argument
    Ruth Chang's TED talk on Hard Choices
    Handout on the Five Types of Argument
    Handout on
Informal Fallacies
    Handout on Cognitive Biases
    Michael Huemer, Why People are Irrational about Politics
    Merrie Bergmann et al., The Logic Book, chapter 2 (excerpt)
    Merrie Bergmann et al., The Logic Book, chapter 3 (excerpts)
    Frances Howard-Snyder et al., The Power of Logic, chapter 1 (excerpts)

    Handout on Famous Forms
    Handout on Formal Fallacies
    Handout on Argument Reconstruction
    Plato, Crito
    Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from a Birmingham City Ja
il (excerpt)
    Russ Shafer-Landau, Ethical Subjectivism
    Handout on Writing Advice


    Homework #1 can be downloaded HERE.
    Homework #2 is available HERE.
    HERE is the take-home portion for Quiz #2.
    Homework #3 is available HERE.
    HERE are some answers to selected exercises from Bergmann et al., chapters 2 and 3
    Homework #4 is available HERE.
    The assignment prompt for the final paper is HERE.

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Updated: 21 April 2017