Woman thinking 
"Woman thinking," D.L. Thompson, 2010


        Phil 100W: Introduction to Philosophy (Writing Intensive)
        Phil 1204: Knowledge and Reality [Intro Metaphysics/Epistemology]
        Phil 1304: Morality and Justice  [Intro Ethics/Political Phil]
        Phil 1504: Language and Logic [Critical Thinking]
        Phil 2125: Early Modern Philosophy (Descartes through Kant)
        Phil 2605: Reason and Revolution in Science [Intro Phil Science]
        Phil 3024: Existentialism
        Phil 3454: Philosophy of Religion
        Phil 3505: Modern Logic and Its Development [Intro Symbolic Logic]


        Phil 5157: Metaphysics (Writing Intensive)
        Phil 5204: Philosophy of Mind (Writing Intensive)
        Phil 5505: Symbolic Logic
        Phil 5506: Metalogic
        Phil 5614: Philosophy of Science (Topic: Kinds, Laws, and Reduction)
        Phil 6014: Historical Intro to Philosophy of Language
        Phil 6014: Seminar on Modality & Ontology
        Phil 6014: Seminar on Metaphilosophy
        Phil 6014: Seminar on Self-Knowledge