Phil 5506: Metalogic
Spring 2021: Major Williams Hall 225
Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30-10:45am

Instructor: Ted Parent       Office: Major Williams Hall 221
Office Hours: TBA


Course Materials:

Part I: Set Theory and Other Preliminaries
    Handout: Formal Languages Used in this Course
    Handout: Formal Systems Studied in this Course
    Handout: Set Theory Primer
    Papineau, chapter 1 of Philosophical Devices
    Barwise & Etchemendy, section 15.9 of Language, Proof, and Logic
    Bergmann et. al, sections 6.1 and 6.2 of The Logic Book

Part II: The Metatheory of Propositional Logic
    Handout: Intro to Propositional Metalogic
    Handout: Soundness of PS
    Handout: Completeness of PS

Part III: The Metatheory of Quantificational Logic
    Handout: Intro to Quantificational Metalogic
    Handout: Soundness of QS and QS=
    Handout: Completeness of QS and QS=
    Handout: Consequences of the Model Existence Lemma

Part IV: Undecidability, Incompleteness, and Indefinability
    Boolos et al., chapter 3 and section 4.1 of Computability and Logic
    Handout: Undecidability
    Handout: Representability
    Boolos et al., section 17.1 of Computability and Logic
    Handout: Godel's Incompleteness Theorems
    Handout: Consequences of the Fixed Point Lemma


Updated: 7 June 2021.